First Teachers Pay Teachers Conference

Hello World!  I attended my first TpT conference in Orlando, Florida last week.  It was more than I expected. I was a little nervous about going to a conference all by myself.   It didn’t take long until I met a lot of nice like-minded educators.  I’ve blogged for years under RockingEducation, but after attending this powerful motivating conference, I realize it’s time to commit to TEACHER’S BRAIN as a blog spot!  The work

I got to meet the Founder, (Paul Edelman) my inspiration, (Deanna Jump) as well as many new motivated TpT friends!
I got to meet the Founder, (Paul Edelman) my inspiration, (Deanna Jump) as well as many new motivated TpT friends!

shops (oops, I mean LEARNshops.  At least that’s what I am calling them now.) were full of so much information that my head was spinning like a top!  I couldn’t wait to get home and start working.  I started making educational materials and selling them on Teachers Pay Teachers a few months ago and fell in love with creating new exciting materials for my students.  Now that I’ve attended this conference and can see what a fantastic company it is to work for, I’m sold!  I will be producing items regularly now.  Not only do I enjoy making products for teachers and hearing how my products make a difference in their classrooms, but I LOVE mentoring and helping teachers too.  So I have made it a goal, (even though I’m a newbie) to help you in anyway I can in your classroom or making you becoming a successful TpT seller.  I learned from the conference how to make more attractive covers, to add a standard “Terms of Use” and “Credits” page to everything, how to save money to become a Millionaire Teacher, how to use Air Drop on my phone, how to stay focused by planning projects using cute journals they gave us and so much more!  Thank you for reading my first blog on my new blog site. Please follow me here and at my TpT store for frequent educational ideas, updates and sales.  I hope you come with me on this journey to improve education!  I will make my first video soon.  Please pray for me. 🙂


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