Turkey In Disguise Project For Kids

 As a teacher, you know that family involvement is an important aspect of developing successful learners. Studies show that when families are involved in students learning, the students are more likely to succeed. However, it can be hard to find activities that families actually want to do together and that aren’t too time consuming.

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, this Turkey in Disguise project would be a great way to get family involvement while working on an engaging holiday themed activity (check out my Thanksgiving escape room here). This turkey project is a great tool for helping families have fun together, while using reading and writing skills. 

The Turkey in Disguise project incorporates listening, writing, and problem solving in one activity. In a busy classroom, finding activities that address multiple objectives is necessary. When they are fun for students and parents as well, that’s even better! 

Here’s a walk through of the Turkey in Disguise Project

This fun turkey project includes everything you need to get your students’ creative juices flowing. First, students will listen to a read-aloud featuring a turkey that tries several disguises to save himself from being Thanksgiving dinner.

Then, they will work with their families to come up with a disguise to protect their turkey. They will use their writing skills to describe the disguise. This simple project will engage students in creative problem solving, writing for a specific purpose, and making connections to text. As an added bonus, they will enjoy getting creative with their families.


What ways do you use to get families involved in learning? Let me know in the comments!

turkey in disguise

If you are teaching VIRTUAL, try the digital version of this activity here.

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