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Hi everyone!  This is an exciting time of year.  To say thank you for all the hard work you do, I’ve teamed up with the BEST Teacher Pay Teacher Authors to bring you a MEGA Giveaway! Checkout and LIKE my Facebook Page for details.  You can check this blog daily too for information on daily special REASONS to visit each day!  Here is the directions for the $20 CASH part of the Giveaway.  One person will get $20 CASH! (see below the image also to enter the raffle for $500 and MORE prizes for TEACHERS)

  • Download and print the checklist
  • Follow the directions
  • Take a photo of this checklist after it’s completed
  • Upload it to my Facebook Page or one of the participating store’s pages with the Hashtag #TisTheREASON
  • Download the PDF HERE: 12 Days Giveaway PDF Checklist 12 Days Giveaway CHECKLIST Updated
  • Winners will be announced on December 17th.  The only requirement is for you to be a teacher to win. Good LUCK!

Enter the $500 #TisTheReason Rafflecopter Giveaway


  1. If I were to win, I would buy books to continue building my classroom library. The goal is to have at least 31 books available for each child.

  2. Some of the things I would use the $500.00 for would be to purchase a couple more resources from tpt, also, I would use some of it to make a payment to student loans as well as donate some of the money to different organizations.

  3. I would buy books and more books then if I had money left over buy the piper computer kit to do with my students. this is so awesome.

  4. I would use the money to buy books and book baskets for my classroom. If I had any left over, I’d probably get Echo Dot, and if there was still more to spend, I’d get a wireless karaoke microphone with speaker to add some fun to my lessons!

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