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Physical science at its best with these PUSH AND PULL challenges! There is a week of lesson plans, a journal, and challenges to help students make push and pull discoveries in science.


Are you looking for some engaging science activities and plans for your Push and Pull unit? I have you covered with this physical science unit! Students will be 100% engaged with these lessons. After you teach your lessons, students will fill out their science journals and can do inquiry lessons during the week.

This is a week unit focusing on Push and Pull Forces. It has a journal, rubric, lesson plans, inquiry lessons, printables to reinforce concepts, a home connection project, songs, video links, and 4 posters to display in the classroom.

What’s inside this unit:

Pg. 1 Cover
Pg. 2 Table of Contents
Pg.3 A Note To Teachers
Pg.4 Lesson Plans Introduction
Pg 5 Standards Met
Pg. 6 Home Connections Project Letter to Parents
Pg. 7 Push and Pull Cut and Paste Printable
Pg. 8 Answer Key to Push and Pull Cut and Paste Printable
Pg. 9 Push and Pull Printable (Circle and X)
Pg. 10 Venn Diagram of Push and Pull
Pg. 11 Answer Key of Venn Diagram
Pg. 12- Three Little Pigs House Project
Pg. 13 I SPY Things You Can Push or Pull
Pg. 14 CAN Jump experiment/ Inquiry Lesson (with self-rating)
Pg. 15 Rev Your Engines (to go with Inquiry Toy Car Lesson)
Pg. 16-19 Posters (Push, Pull, Energy, Force, Motion, Gravity, Magnetism, Air Pressure)
Pg. 20-27 Force and Motion Science Journal (with a word bank, 5 pages, and rubric)
Pg 28 HOW to make a paper airplane
Pg. 29 Fly an Airplane with a friend (Collecting Data Sheet)
Pg. 30 Credits Page

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