Properties of Matter – Lessons for Kids


Hands-on inquiry lessons help students to retain science information. Try these activities for your matter lessons.


Are you ready to be that amazing teacher who uses HANDS-ON inquiry lessons to help students retain information about MATTER. I have you covered with a daily data journal, rubrics, 3 inquiry lessons, posters, links, and printables to teach about liquids, solids, and gases.

Look at the preview to see more of this unit.

  • Pg. 1 Cover
  • Pg. 2 Table of Contents
  • Pg.3 KWL Chart
  • Pg. 4-9 Posters with definitions ( Solid, Liquid, Gas, Observe, Properties, Matter)
  • Pg. 10 Cover of Science Journal
  • Pg. 11 Word Bank for Journal
  • Pg. 12-17 Science Journal Writing/Data Collecting Pages
  • Pg. 18 Science Journal Rubric
  • Pg. 19 Liquid, Solid, Gas Printable (cut and paste in the correct category)
  • Pg. 20 I SPY MATTER Printable
  • Pg. 21 VENN Diagram comparing pizza and water
  • Pg. 22 VENN Diagram- students choose matter to compare
  • Pg. 23 Inquiry Idea Page
  • Pg. 24 Turning a Liquid into a Solid to make BUTTER
  • Pg. 25 SHAKE SONG Printable to go with Butter Inquiry
  • Pg. 26 Data Collection with self-ratings on Properties of Matter
  • Pg. 27 Sink and Float Activity Page (Teacher provides objects and water for students to test)
  • Pg. 28 Inquiry RUBRIC to send Home to Families
  • Pg. 29 Sink or Float Printable (Describe Properties)
  • Pg. 30 Sink and Float Sort Printable
  • Pg. 31 Root Beer Float Writing (Teacher provides root beer, ice cream, clear cups, and spoons for this page and Pg. 32)
  • Pg. 32 Root Beer Float Data Collecting incorporating math Printable
  • Pg, 33-35 Name the Matter (Picture Game)
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