Election and Voting Activities for Kids

Teaching students about the importance of voting in a democracy is very important.  Now more than ever kids are curious about politics. So, how can you teach students without getting too political? If you teach about elections and the voting process instead of using real political candidates, young students will still develop an understanding of how elections work, the responsibility of voting and how their feelings tie into the process. Election and voting activities for kids can be simple.

Here are some things your can do to teach about voting:

  • Share books like Grace for President by Kelly Dipucchio or  Vote for ME! by Ben Clanton.
  • Talk about commercials, signs or local leader positions.
  • Write opinion papers about voting or elections.
  • Discuss how feelings help make decisions.
  • Hold a class pet election.
  • Students can take polls about favorite snacks or sports.
  • Make a voting booth or box. Have ballots for students to pick their end of the day activity.
  • Create a class campaign for a class mascot with posters, stickers and commercials.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, lead by example. Let them see your “I VOTED” sticker or tell them how you take time out of your day to vote.

Ideas for PARENTS to do with children to help them learn about voting:

  • Take your child to vote and discuss why you are voting for a particular candidate.
  • Write a letter to an elected official as a family.
  • Talk about how peaceful protesting is patriotic. Loving a country means speaking up when we disagree with actions.
  • Share your beliefs with your child.
  • Discuss how people all have different ideas and how to respect each other.
  • Read a book about voting, democracy or citizenship.
  • Point out signs about elections and discuss how they help us learn about candidates.
  • Let the family vote about what is for dinner.
  • Vote on a family vacation.
  • Use math to explain how we count results.

Virtual Teaching about Voting

Google Slides and Forms make it easy for students to learn about the voting process. You can create a poll using Google Forms to send to your students virtually. Share the results with the class over a live virtual meeting.

Election and Voting Activities for Kids

Check out the K-3 Google Slides for teaching kids about the voting process.

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Fall Crafts That Tie In With Literature

Fall is such a wonderful time of the year- especially in the classroom. It’s right after we start the new year and our students are focused and excited. I love bringing the elements of the fall season into our day to day activities and lessons. With all of the colors and activities available, there are so many ways to use fall themes in your lesson plans. 

One of my favorite ways to do that is to look for books with fall or Halloween themes. Finding a good book to read to your class and then doing a corresponding activity is a great way to explore the story more in depth with your students and make a text to self connection. Text to self connections teach your students valuable skills they will need in school and in life. Your students will learn to make the connection between what they are reading and themselves and explore empathy.

My Where’s My Mummy Craft is a fantastic option if you are looking for a Halloween themed activity that is both engaging and fun. 


fall crafts

Included in this activity you will get:

  • Mummy craft printable
  • Text to self connection printable
  • “I Want My Mummy” bulletin board display

Start by reading the book “Where’s My Mummy” by Carolyn Crimi to your class. Have your students use the Mummy Craft printable to glue on toilet paper and googly eyes to make their own adorable little mummy. 

This activity focuses on making a text to self connection. Here are questions you can ask your students to get the conversation going: 

  • How do you think the mummy felt in the story?
  • How would you feel if you couldn’t find your parent? 
  • How would you feel when you did find them?

A huge bonus when you do this craft is that it makes great Halloween classroom decor!

fall crafts

Want more fun Halloween activities for your class? Check out my Halloween Bats Escape Room here!

fall crafts


Johnny Appleseed Activities for Kids

Hi Teacher Brains!
Can you believe tomorrow is the first day of fall???? In some ways this year is going by fast.  In other ways it is dragging on forever. Education is happening and teachers are heroes for so many students and families who need some kind of normalcy for them to keep the faith that we will get through these difficult times.  I hope you and your family are well!

September 26th is Johnny Appleseed’s Birthday.  This was my favorite time to teach about apples and make homemade applesauce.  The easiest recipe is to use a crockpot, add your peeled and cubed apples with a 1/2 cup of cinnamon red hots! (Yes, the candy!) It adds the sugar and cinnamon.

Interesting FACT about Johnny Appleseed

Did you know that the part we leave out when we teach about his life to young children is that the apples were not ones for eating.  They were bitter, so we used them to make hard apple cider.

I want to make your workload lighter, so let me share some Johnny Appleseed resources that can help!

APPLES Activities

Johnny Appleseed Escape Room (see video example below)

Apple Math Activities
Apples Glasses
Johnny Appleseed UNIT (30+ Pages)

Johnny Appleseed Activities Hat Printable

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Remember, the more you KNOW, the more you GROW!

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Are you looking for some free resources to help you get your year started? You need to check out these free resources below for back to school.  Before you get all your freebies, let’s talk about how important it is this year for you to take care of YOU!

Have you heard of that quote, “You can’t pour from an empty cup?” Well, it is true! This year especially is difficult working when the entire world seems to be on edge, many teachers are left having to figure things out for themselves and students have a lot going on in their lives also.

Try not to get overwhelmed with all the things you have to do.  Unplug for a weekend from technology. If you have access to a pool, use it.  Eat off the fancy china. After that, take a bubble bath.  It’s really important for us to be able to say NO to people who ask too much of us. Last, don’t feel guilty for taking time for yourself. I know this was a huge problem for me when I first started teaching.  When I learned about the power of saying no, it was life changing.

Tree Trunk, Tree, Just Say No, Etched, Engraved


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