Teachers Pay Teachers 2017 Conference

If you want to know what it is like to be lucky enough to work for Teachers Pay Teachers and attend the conference in Anaheim, you are in the right place! The BEST part of this conference is making connections in person with all the other teacher-authors you only knew on-line. Here is a picture of the Fabulous Five (well, that is the name I gave us after meeting at the 2016 conference in Florida), posing with our Peace, Love, TpT shirts. Meet Tori from Teach with Tori, Kelly from Mrs. Avery’s Island, Lisa from Lisa Taylor Teaching the Stars, and Shelly from Appletastic!


Attending the 9 Step Process workshop with Shelly Rees, is a MUST! She offers an awesome course for teacher-authors who need to focus on how to plan a product from start to finish! PRICELESS! There is a great Facebook group you can join if you are in the course. This is how the five of us became close friends. The group is a positive place to gain valuable information to help you grow and connect with others. This year I had the honor to sit with educational expert, Deanna Jump! She is such an inspirational person who is down-to-earth and easy to talk to about the business.


Erin Cobb and Catherine Reed were the inspirational teacher-author speakers who told their personal stories. They both inspired the rest of us that hard work and dedication can produce great success.

If you never met our “Director of Happiness”, Amy Borrell Berner, you HAVE to take the initiative to meet her. She is exactly what her title conveys.


After a long day of doing what teachers love… LEARNING, TpT hosted a happy hour to help us all decompress and meet other teacher-authors. This is where a few of us were able to talk to the BEST CEO, Adam Freed. I totally felt like I was one of the girls in The Bachelor, willing to interrupt other teacher-authors to steal him away for a chance to talk to him. (Sorry, to whoever I booted out of the way.) It was happy hour though, so I can blame it on the wine. ? I don’t regret it!

Another super nice, intelligent and fun teacher-author is Chris Kesler. He is the best for learning how to build an email list and engage a TpT audience! We attended his session and discovered a lot of tips and tricks to grow our businesses. You can see him below with me and fellow teacher-author Sarah Barnett, who is my new TpT BFF. ? We hit it off as if we have been friends forever. We danced at the Happy Hour with awesome Shem, leading us as DJ/Motivator. She lead a great session about how to Put Some STEAM in your STEP. This is what the conference is all about, meeting people who share your interests, inspire you and help you along your journey.

Should you bring your family? YES! My family went to enjoy the tourist attractions while I was busy learning at the conference. I loved seeing them at the end of the day!

I learned so much! My head feels like it is going to explode with new information, but I’m excited, motivated and (a little) exhausted at the same time. This Dr. Seuss quote sums it up. I’m looking forward to next year in NASHVILLE! So, plan now, if you need some inspiration, tips and tricks.

First Teachers Pay Teachers Conference

Hello World!  I attended my first TpT conference in Orlando, Florida last week.  It was more than I expected. I was a little nervous about going to a conference all by myself.   It didn’t take long until I met a lot of nice like-minded educators.  I’ve blogged for years under RockingEducation, but after attending this powerful motivating conference, I realize it’s time to commit to TEACHER’S BRAIN as a blog spot!  The work

I got to meet the Founder, (Paul Edelman) my inspiration, (Deanna Jump) as well as many new motivated TpT friends!
I got to meet the Founder, (Paul Edelman) my inspiration, (Deanna Jump) as well as many new motivated TpT friends!

shops (oops, I mean LEARNshops.  At least that’s what I am calling them now.) were full of so much information that my head was spinning like a top!  I couldn’t wait to get home and start working.  I started making educational materials and selling them on Teachers Pay Teachers a few months ago and fell in love with creating new exciting materials for my students.  Now that I’ve attended this conference and can see what a fantastic company it is to work for, I’m sold!  I will be producing items regularly now.  Not only do I enjoy making products for teachers and hearing how my products make a difference in their classrooms, but I LOVE mentoring and helping teachers too.  So I have made it a goal, (even though I’m a newbie) to help you in anyway I can in your classroom or making you becoming a successful TpT seller.  I learned from the conference how to make more attractive covers, to add a standard “Terms of Use” and “Credits” page to everything, how to save money to become a Millionaire Teacher, how to use Air Drop on my phone, how to stay focused by planning projects using cute journals they gave us and so much more!  Thank you for reading my first blog on my new blog site. Please follow me here and at my TpT store for frequent educational ideas, updates and sales.  I hope you come with me on this journey to improve education!  I will make my first video soon.  Please pray for me. 🙂