Classroom Decor – Tropical Hawaiian Beach Themed

I am so excited to share this amazing Hawaiian Beach Classroom Decor bundle with all of you!  Matter of fact, if you subscribe to my newsletter this week (CLICK HERE),  I will enter you in a raffle to win your own Classroom Decor bundle, so you can give your classroom a MAKEOVER! If you know me, you know I love my vision board.  I have had a picture of Hawaii on my vision board for almost 10 years.  Well, I finally got to go last month.  It was amazing!  I wanted to keep that tropical feeling all year, so I created this bundle for everyone to enjoy.

Let me explain what is in the bundle.  I made 5 different Hawaiian ocean themed resources. (Color Word Posters, Word Wall, Calendar Set, an Alphabet Line (print and cursive), Editable Decor Banners, Positive Mindset Posters and Labels.  Then, I bundled them to give you a discount. Check out the bundle.  I toured the amazing Dole Pineapple Plantation, so you will find lots of pineapples in the resources.  I also spent most of my days under a palm tree overlooking the beautiful clear blue ocean.  So guess what?  You will find palm trees, lots of palm trees!  The pack incorporates watercolor artwork as well as real photos I took while visiting O’hau and Maui.  You can add your own beach touches to the themed room.  For example, I like to get cheap flip flops to use for hall passes or stick magnets on the back to create a class schedule.  Add a grass skirt around your desk and some bright colored paper lanterns to hang from the ceiling.  You can add flowers!  I like to use empty paint cans (from any home improvement store), paint chalk paint on them to add table numbers, pour in some rocks, add a flower, and POOF… you have a cute pencil holder as a center piece to a table.  Add some Tiki torches with orange and yellow tissue paper for the flames in your book area.  Finally, at the end of the year, we have a Luau!

Hawaii Heaven Classroom Decor

I haven’t posted lately because I was on my dream vacation in Hawaii!  It was everything I imagined and more.  The pictures don’t do it justice at all.  Although Waikiki and Honolulu were a bit more commercialized than I expected, I found one island just amazing!  My favorite island was Maui.  If you love tropical vacations, like I do, it is an experience of a life time.  I live in Florida, so I’m use to the beach life.  The Road to Hana, hidden waterfalls, legends, Poke Bowls, caves, rain forest, volcano, spectacular snorkel spots,  and friendly locals made a magical trip for my family.  The trip hit the wallet a little harder than I expected even with all the research I did prior to the trip, but it was well worth it. Now, I have so many ideas for a new classroom decor!

Every corner I found inspiration for new #TpT products.  I took a lot of pictures  to create a tropical classroom decor pack that I can’t wait to see come to life.  So far I have made a Hawaiian themed Color Word Posters and a Word Wall Banner Set.  These will become part of a Hawaiian Theme Classroom Decor BUNDLE… COMING SOON.  Go check them out though, if you are thinking about a beach classroom theme for your classroom. One of our favorite hidden lunch places that we just happened to stumble upon is called The Garden Terrace at Kula Lodge!  Eat outside while enjoying the spectacular entire west side of Maui view.  They have an outdoor wood-burning pizza oven that my kids still talk about today!  Mama’s Fish House Restaurant was our favorite place on the island for catching a view of Maui’s amazing sunsets.  The food is absolute terrific!  You can find some of the sunset pictures in the new calendar pack I’m in the process of making that will be part of the set.  I rarely post pictures of my family on my blog, but here is one showing the beautiful sunset.

Check back in the future for blogs on the new Hawaii Themed Decor Sets that I will have up in my Teacher’s Brain store soon.  As they say in Hawaii… Mahalo!!!!

I realize some of you are not on summer vacation yet.  You may want to check out the blog post about End of the School Year Activities.