Are you looking for some free resources to help you get your year started? You need to check out these free resources below for back to school.  Before you get all your freebies, let’s talk about how important it is this year for you to take care of YOU!

Have you heard of that quote, “You can’t pour from an empty cup?” Well, it is true! This year especially is difficult working when the entire world seems to be on edge, many teachers are left having to figure things out for themselves and students have a lot going on in their lives also.

Try not to get overwhelmed with all the things you have to do.  Unplug for a weekend from technology. If you have access to a pool, use it.  Eat off the fancy china. After that, take a bubble bath.  It’s really important for us to be able to say NO to people who ask too much of us. Last, don’t feel guilty for taking time for yourself. I know this was a huge problem for me when I first started teaching.  When I learned about the power of saying no, it was life changing.

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I’m so grateful to have teamed up with some amazing teacher-authors to provide you some excellent FREE resources for back to school.

I want to thank The Owl TeacherTeaching Second Grade, Simply STEAM, Lisa Taylor Teaching the Stars, and Where the Teacher Things Are for supporting these Friday FREEBIES and advocating for teachers.

These back to school resources are FREE in our stores as of September 11, 2020, but the price may change at any time. Please click the links below to get your FREE back to school resource today!

FREE Multiplication and Division Unit Sampler for Math Workshop  Fall Writing Paper


Morning Work for Google™ Classroom 2nd Grade Week 1   Dot Day STEM Activities


Back to School Teacher Checklist | Social Distancing Floor Markers | FREE  Back to School: Find Someone Who... Getting to Know Your Class


Editable Name Practice Activity FREEBIE | Google Slides  Math Centers Kindergarten | FREE Math CENTERS  

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5 Ways To Help Students Master Their Names

One of the first things we teach our little learners when they come to kindergarten is how to write their own name. It is so important for students to get plenty of practice and learn this readiness skill early on. It is something they will write often and for the rest of their lives. Knowing how to write it will help build their confidence in their own abilities in school and help set the stage for learning the rest of the alphabet during the school year. 

Here are some different ways to practice and make learning names fun: 

  1. Handwriting. You’ll want to place a lot of focus on good old fashioned handwriting when it comes to learning their names. This is one of the most important ways to practice. It feels like second nature as we grow up but learning to hold and control a pencil takes lots of practice for our younger students. 
  2. Tracing with a finger. Write the letters to their names out and have your students practice tracing the letters with their fingers. This will help them get used to the shape of the letters and help with memorization. 
  3. Dry erase board practice. There’s just something about a dry erase board and dry erase marker that students love. It is just more exciting to use than a plain old pencil. Pass them to your students for an engaging and fun way to practice writing their names. A bonus is that it is easy to wipe away any mistakes! 
  4. Painting or shaving cream. What is more fun for kindergarteners than getting messy? Make this fun and educational activity by spraying some shaving cream on their desk and having them trace their name into it or by pulling out some paint and brushes. 
  5. Digital practice. These days, it is just as important to practice digitally typing and identifying letters in their name as it is writing it. Your students can practice this by identifying the letters in their name, counting the number of letters, and typing it out on their keyboards. 

These interactive, Editable Name Practice Google Slides will help your students master this skill.  They can be easily personalized to make sure your students will know their names, letters, and be engaged in learning. It is perfect for virtual or in personal learning. You’ll get 20 colorful Google Slides with titles, editable text boxes, directions, and moving parts.  


You can also get this resource in Spanish if your students are not English speakers!


You can try out the Editable Name Practice Activity by checking out this freebie!

Here is a video tutorial for how to use this resource! 


Do you have any fun activities to teach your students to write their names? Let me know in the comments! 

For some more kindergarten resources, check out my post here. 

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50th Day Of School Activities

In the classroom, I love any chance to have a themed party! It is such a fun way to take a break from the ordinary school routine, shake things up, and have a little fun with my students. It also gives them something to look forward to! You have all the usual holidays like Christmas and Halloween, but we also like to celebrate the 50th day of school! 

This is an exciting way to celebrate the number 50 on our 50th day of school together. So what kind of things do you do to celebrate the number 50? Celebrate 1950’s style!

Here are some fun ways to have 1950’s style celebration in your classroom

  • Have a dress up day. Bring on the poodle skirts and leather jackets!
  • Have a good old fashioned sock hop with lots of dancing 
  • Play some 50’s music in your classroom (from a jukebox if you have one!)
  • Make some root beer floats 
  • Do themed activities in your lessons
  • Have a photo booth (with props from the resource below!)

I created some fun 50th Day Of School Celebration activities for you to use in your classroom!

50th Day Of School

In this resource you’ll get fun ideas and printables to engage your kindergarten or 1st grade students in meaningful ways with the number 50 on the 50th day of school or during a full week of centers! It incorporates literacy, math, and science activities. Each activity is about 20 to 40 minutes long.

Here’s what’s included in the 50th Day Of School bundle


50 Days Smarter Activity 

Write 50 Words

Block Building with 50 

50 Gumballs 

10 Ten Frames for Counting Items

100 Chart 

50 Chart

50 Tasty Treat Chart

If I had $50 Writing 

Tootsie Roll Pop Experiment (predict and use tally marks)

Science Inquiry 50 Drops of Water In A Jar

 50th Day Fun Fitness Activities Log

I can count to 50 Mat

50th Day Celebration Hat with Dots 

Two types of Lined Paper for Prompts

Two types of Lined Paper for “If I had 50 Gifts” Prompt

I’m 50 Years Old Drawing and Writing Papers

50 Rocking Days of School

Root Beer Float (goes with Fifties Themed Day)

Root Beer Float Writing with Transition Words

50 Days of School Letter To Parents To Dress Fifties 

Photo Booth Props

50th Day of School

Do you celebrate the 50th day of school? Tell me about it in the comments below!

Want some ideas for the 100th day of school? Check out my post here!